‘one of our yoga weekend retreats’

This Easter weekend we had our yoga retreat at this beautiful farmhouse in the East part of the Netherlands. The weather was amazing, so warm and sunny, and we spend a lot of time outdoors.

There are great walking trails in the area and lots of space to relax in the garden. Boris was doing all the cooking for us and the food was absolutely delicious, especially the desserts. Check the recipe: MangoBlueberry Swirl

Every morning we started the day with a yoga class and I felt extremely happy to teach yoga again. I think I was smiling all the time 🙂 Every evening we ended the day with a meditation session. The last evening we even had a campfire outdoors. It was such a nice and cozy feeling to sit by the fire, feel the warmth and watch the flames.

The days pass by and all of a sudden its time to say goodbye again. I always wish we could stay longer and extent the retreat. But of course everything comes and goes. After a big hug and warm wishes we all got on our journey back home. We brought with us a peaceful mind, a relaxed body, a heart filled with joy and all the inspiring insights we gained at this retreat.

Looking forward to our next retreat together!

Sophie & Boris

The Netherlands, April 2019