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Living in Portugal

A few weeks ago we were driving from the Netherlands back to Portugal. We had some wonderful weeks with friends and family. It felt so good to be back and to see everyone again after a long time. We stayed at Boris’ parents’ house in Delft and it was great to be able to just walk to the city center and have a coffee with friends. I was even teaching a few yoga classes in the living room and it reminded me of the time when I first started teaching in our living room more than 13 years ago. I absolutely missed teaching yoga in person and especially the tea drinking and chatting after the class. Now we are back to online classes again and that’s a great way to stay in touch and keep doing yoga together. If you want to join one of my online classes – just give it a try. It’s very simple and easy to just book one yoga class at a time and I would be super happy seeing you at one of the online classes. More info here.


Slow Living


Maybe you have a certain opinion about me just because I am a yoga teacher. For example, I must be a very patient person. Let me tell you: this is not always true. Of course, when I teach yoga, meditation and mindfulness I fully embody this quality. Also, I’m patient in many areas of my life much more than I used to be. It all depends where you are coming from, right? Sometimes Boris is joking with me: asking me why I am not more patient, if all of the yoga and meditation is not helping yet? Then I tell him that I had to come a long way and that actually I’m doing quite good already. In some situations is easier to be patient than in other situations. I’m sure you can relate to that.


House hunting


It’s been two months since we bought a one-way ticket to Portugal. A lot has happened since then: we visited many properties, seen different regions, experienced all kinds of ups and downs and it feels like one big adventure. Today I want to share with you some of the challenges and encounters we had so far. Have you ever moved to different country? Then you probably remember that there is a lot to learn and discover at the beginning. I must say, when I moved to the Netherlands many years ago, it felt so easy because the company I was working for was helping me a lot to arrange everything. Now we are by ourselves, no job and no company to help us. But we have determination, courage and joy with us on this journey, and so here we are.




As I am starting to write on this blog post I am sitting on our veranda with a stunning view of the river and the mountains. The sun is shining and we just did another hike this morning. We are in Portugal enjoying the magnificent Peneda Geres national park in the very north of the country. Just before we came here we had one of our yoga weekend retreats in the Netherlands. It was a delightful retreat with such a lovely group of yogis and I feel very grateful for being able to do this kind of work. During every retreat I’m amazed by the incredible experience that unfolds in just a few days and how people open up and how the group becomes closer. And then I just wish we could have much more of those retreats.