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Yoga Classes in Delft

•  Free trial class
•  Affordable prices  •  Small size groups
•  Yoga mats provided  •  6 days a week yoga
•  All classes in English  •  Easy online subscription
•  Tea and cookies after class  •  Free parking here
•  New postures every week  •  Online classes on YouTube

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Living Yoga Studio Delft

Living Yoga is our warm, cozy, down-to-earth yoga studio in Delft. We are very happy to welcome a diverse and international group of practitioners every day. There is space for 11 people per class.
Our daily classes are Vinyasa yoga.  All classes are given in English and they are suitable for most levels.  Yoga mats are provided, payment and booking are easy and simple.

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10-class card 75 € • Single class 10 € • The card can be used for all classes • It can be shared with a friend or family member • It’s valid for 6 months • If you finish your card within 5 weeks, we give you a €10 discount on your next card (not for shared cards)

Vinyasa • Slow Flow • Alignments

Vinyasa is a dynamic, energetic type of yoga. It calms the mind, enhances flexibility, creates strength and improves your overall health. The class includes sun salutations, a series of yoga postures and relaxation. Slow Flow has gentle movements and more relaxation. In the Alignments class we focus on the correct alignment of each posture.

Meditation • Mindfulness

Take time for yourself, calm the mind and feel a deep sense of peace and stillness. Practicing meditation and mindfulness is very powerful especially when practiced in a group. During the Sunday classes we learn to be mindful, to meditate and to move with awareness.

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Review • Yoga Classes

‘I would recommend Living Yoga to pretty much everybody, no matter age or experience or reasons for practicing yoga… Sophie’s classes are simultaneously accessible and challenging, with well thought-out sequencing that always flows smoothly thanks to her inviting and warm teaching style. Sophie is simply a genuine and lovely person/teacher. The space and the people who attend are so open and friendly. It’s one of the most down-to-earth studios I’ve seen. Everything is cleaned daily and is well-maintained. Payment and booking are simple and easy, and classes are super affordable as well.’
Jessica, 2017

Review • Yoga Classes

‘Living Yoga is the perfect name for this cosy yoga studio in Delft that welcomes an international group of practitioners every day. The warm setting invites you to be yourself and experience the essence of yoga under the loving guidance of Sophie. She surprises us each time with a new Vinyasa flow and her clear and concise guidance in English allows you to focus on your practice and be in the here and now. Living Yoga organises workshops, meditation sessions and retreats to complete one’s yoga journey. The simple step to walk through their door proved to be one of my best decisions ever.’
Didit, 2016

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Sophie from Living Yoga


•  Happy Yoga Teacher  •  Joyful Heart  •  Book Nerd  •  Chocolate Lover
•  Creative Soul  •  Vegan  • Meditation Enthusiast  • Yogi for Life

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Boris from Living Yoga


•  Yogi Manager  •  Great sense of Humor  •  Hero in rescuing animals and humans
•  Awesome Handyman  •  Scientist  •  Unflappable  •  Full of Brilliant Ideas

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