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New challenges to find what feels good

Feeding the wolves


I have a new challenge! Maybe you are thinking ‘Why a new challenge again? Wasn’t there just a new one a few weeks ago? What happened to that one?’ Well, life changes and what works for a while might not work all the time. It’s important to adapt to the ever changing life situations and find the balance again and again. For many weeks I’ve spent my evenings without phone (this was the last challenge). I created a lot of drawings and it felt great to be so creative. But then things slowly started to change.




Sometimes Boris and I like to create a new challenge for ourselves. Right now I am not talking about the challenge of finding a property in Portugal that could eventually become our yoga retreat centre. I am talking about moving towards what feels good long-term versus short-term. Usually short-term satisfaction is easy and quick, but does not necessarily create a positive contribution long-term. Therefore we feel that it can be helpful to challenge ourselves to create more balance in our lives. Let me just give an example of our newest challenge.


What’s now?


Living in the present moment, here and now, just one day at a time, just the next small step. That’s how we have spent the last 6 weeks since we arrived in the Netherlands and after cancelling all our travel and work plans. We had it all figured out, planned and organised up until October. There were our yoga retreats in spring, some solo traveling for both of us, visiting family, working at a retreat center, and so on. Now everything is totally different and to be honest we both adapted to these new circumstances quickly. Okay, to be really honest, Boris adapted very quickly like he always does. I, on the other hand, have spent a day crying and feeling all the feelings before I was able to let go and let be. 


Everything changes


We got back to the Netherlands just in time…. Just in time for what? The stay at home policy? But where do you go, when you don’t have a house? If our flight would have been just two days later I am sure we would have stayed on the island with our Ecotara family. But in times of uncertainty, how do you know what is the right decision and where is the best place to be? The only constant, the only thing we know for sure is that everything changes. Everything changes all the time (it always did by the way) but right now we see it much more clearly.