‘summer in the south of france’

It’s about two month ago that we left Delft and started traveling. Somehow time feels different now without the daily routines and weekly schedules, like when you are on a holiday and you don’t know whether it’s Friday or Monday.

While free time used to be scarce and travels used to be short, now time is abundant and trips can last as long as we like. Of course there are moments when we miss our friends and family, moments when we miss you, the yoga classes and our great time in Delft. We feel so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.

For the past weeks we have been in a remote place in the South of France. Staying at the holiday home of Boris his parents, we spend days on end without seeing anybody. A tiny village with a tiny grocery and an even tinier bakery is about 5 km away. Every morning we go for a long walk and in the beginning we got lost often, walked much longer than planned, but we always enjoyed the adventure and eventually found our way back home.

Before our morning walks I do my yoga practice and I think of you as I step on my mat. When I find a yoga sequence that feels good I take notes and prepare a new video for you. I hope you keep up your yoga practice in whatever way possible for you right now. Maybe you still practice with me using the videos on YouTube. Did you already see the new video we filmed here in France? Watch the new video here.

Let me also tell you about all the delicious food here so you don’t think that we only walk and do yoga. We spend much of our time thinking about food, buying food and preparing food. Sometimes we walked more than 1 hour to the tiny village just to buy some more of the delicious apricots and then we ate most of them already on our way back home. I have been very lucky as Boris made me breakfast every morning, he bought me croissants and cakes, and he baked several versions of our now favorite apple bread, see recipe here. Because of all the great food we came up with the croissant counterbalance, just wait for the next yoga video.

I feel very calm and happy to be here. I enjoy the lazy moments after lunch when Boris takes a nap and I relax by the pool, reading or doing nothing, just being. I love the evenings when the sun goes down behind the mountains enjoying the view over the valley in the soft evening light. I love the way Boris is reading out loud from a book for us. I feel content going to bed early when the sun goes down and getting up when the sun is rising and the birds are singing. I feel peaceful every morning as the new day unfolds with all its wonderful little moments: the flowers blooming, the bees humming, the colorful butterflies, the blue sky, the fresh morning breeze, the warm summer rain, the majestic trees and us being here.

Much love, Sophie & Boris

France, June 2019