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Delicious vegan recipes by Boris

Beetroot Burger


‘yummy vegan burgers’

To be honest we love eating burgers, and it has been meatless burgers for a very long time already. But now we took it to the next level. For our yoga retreats last year we developed our own beetroot burger.


Veggie Lasagna


‘recipe for a delicious veggie lasagna’

This is certainly one of my favorite new retreat meals, our pumpkin spinach lasagna.


‘happiness is an unexpected chocolate dessert’

We often think about dishes and recipes we would like to create for our next retreat. It is so much fun to imagine all the delicious things we could prepare and share.


‘good food – good mood’

Here is the recipe for you: pickled yellow cauliflower – so yummy, enjoy!


Apple Bread


‘delicious and healthy recipe by Boris’

We spend a lot of our time here in France thinking about food and preparing food. Boris baked several versions of this new vegan apple bread until we were really happy with the recipe.


‘recipe for vegan cheesecake’

So far this is clearly one of the most asked recipes at our yoga retreats.