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As I am starting to write on this blog post I am sitting on our veranda with a stunning view of the river and the mountains. The sun is shining and we just did another hike this morning. We are in Portugal enjoying the magnificent Peneda Geres national park in the very north of the country. Just before we came here we had one of our yoga weekend retreats in the Netherlands. It was a delightful retreat with such a lovely group of yogis and I feel very grateful for being able to do this kind of work. During every retreat I’m amazed by the incredible experience that unfolds in just a few days and how people open up and how the group becomes closer. And then I just wish we could have much more of those retreats.


This is certainly one of my favorite new retreat meals, our pumpkin spinach lasagna. For a while we were making lasagna at least once or twice a week and we came up with all kinds of variations. Some of them needed more improvement and others where right away delicious. And that’s how we created this super tasty pumpkin spinach lasagna. It has a yummy combination of warm autumn flavors like pumpkin together with the freshness of spinach and tomatoes. We really love this comfort food that warms you from the inside, especially on rainy autumn days. This lasagna was served on our yoga retreats this fall and since we got the requests to share the recipe, here it is.


Happiness is an unexpected chocolate dessert!
We often think about dishes and recipes we would like to create for our next retreat. It is so much fun to imagine all the delicious things we could prepare and share. When we are at a vegan restaurant we always get inspired to try something new. Like in Slovenia where they made the most delicious cakes with big amounts of vegan whipped cream. Or at our favorite restaurant in Rotterdam were we found this beautiful bright yellow pickled cauliflower. Or when we heard about making chocolate mousse with the water of chickpeas.


Yoga Weekend


This Easter weekend we had our yoga retreat at this beautiful farmhouse in the East part of the Netherlands. The weather was amazing, so warm and sunny, and we spend a lot of time outdoors. There are great walking trails in the area and lots of space to relax in the garden. Boris was doing all the cooking for us and the food was absolutely delicious, especially the desserts. Check the recipe: MangoBlueberry Swirl