‘you are my sunshine’

Although it’s already end of September it still feels like summer here in Slovenia. This trip was a surprise for me as Boris planned it by himself and all I had to do was to pack my bag and follow him.

I felt super happy and I totally trusted him that it would be a very pleasant surprise. Okay, we had to get up in the middle of the night to get to the airport and run to the gate to catch our flight, but everything else went very smoothly. As we arrived it was still quite early in the morning and the view of the mountains and the sky was amazing. After I had another coffee at the airport we went to a beautiful lake nearby. I can’t remember the name of that lake, as most of the Slovenian words are quite difficult to pronounce and remember.

Boris had booked a spacious and luxurious apartment right next to Tivoli park in the center of Ljubljana. During our first walk through the city center we found a great second hand shop and we had a lot of fun there. I had no idea that there would be so many vegan cafes and restaurants in Ljubljana. It was such a wonderful surprise to find many great places where we could eat. We had delicious vegan food including some burgers and cakes.

Of course we did not spend all our time eating. We also did some wonderful trips to explore the country. One day we went to see the caves of Skocjanske. I had never been in a cave and certainly not in one this huge and beautiful. It is not only a cave, but it has an underground river and a huge underground canyon as well. We walked for almost 2 hours under the ground, a remarkable experience!

Another day we went to see lake Bled and as we got off the tourist route we found ourselves on a peaceful path along the lake with a magnificent view. The sun was shining and as we sat down to rest we watched a group of sparrows taking a bath in a small puddle of water. It seemed like they had so much fun bathing and it was a pleasure to watch them.

Now as I am writing this we only have two days left and at the same time there are still so many things we would like to do here. So we have to make some choices and one thing is for sure, we will try one more vegan restaurant tomorrow. And then it’s time to continue our journey. Looking forward to the next adventure!

Lots of love,
Sophie & Boris

Slovenia, September 2019