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Sophie’s Yoga CV

A certified yoga teacher since 2008

•  Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Yoga Moves RYT-200

•  Ashtanga yoga teacher training by David Swenson

•  Power yoga teacher training by Tonnie Goes

Founded Living Yoga in 2008

• 2008 – 2019  successfully run our yoga studio
• 2019 – now   traveling and teaching

What I teach:

• Vinysasa Yoga
• Restorative Flow
• Meditation
• Mindfulness
• Pranayama
• Workshops
• Retreats
• Online classes
• Private classes

Trainings, courses, workshops and retreats I have learned from:

•  Vipassana meditation retreats
• Mindfulness retreat, Plum Village
•  Mindfulness retreat, Thich Nhat Hanh
•  Ashtanga workshop, David Swenson
•  Yoga workshop, Tara Stiles
•  Pralaya yoga workshop, Robert Boustany
• Yoga teacher intensive, Max Strom
•  Breathing workshop, Max Strom
• Insight yoga workshop, Sarah Powers
•  Yoga workshop, Ana Forrest
•  Ashtanga yoga course, Manju Jois
•  Ashtanga yoga course, David Williams
•  Mindfulness retreat, EIAB
• Yoga chakra retreat, LaBordeBlanque
•  Anusara yoga workshops
•  Yoga classes, Yoga Barn, Bali
•  Power yoga classes, Yoga Space, China
•  Ashtanga yoga retreat, David Swenson, India

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