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 ‘Creating a retreat center in Portugal’

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Retreat center in Portugal

With much joy and enthusiasm we have been hosting yoga retreats for many years at several locations in Europe. Now it is the right moment for us to create our own retreat center. After some years of traveling we now feel at home close to the ocean in Portugal. Currently we are looking for a suitable property here. We are planning to live at our retreat center, create a more sustainable lifestyle, grow our own food and enjoy many wonderful retreats with you.

Our retreat center will be a place where people come together in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere, eat healthy food, practice yoga and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. We can’t wait to find the right location and start this new adventure.

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Enjoy and relax

Our retreats will allow you to fully relax, enjoy each moment and reconnect with your true self. Every morning we offer an energetic yoga class to start the day. Then there is plenty of free time to go for a walk, take a nap, swim in the ocean and enjoy the sunshine. In the evenings a gentle yoga practice and calming meditation session allow you relax and sleep well. While Sophie joyfully teaches all the classes, Boris is in the kitchen preparing the most delicious and healthy meals for you.

Bringing a group of people together for a yoga retreat is one of our biggest joys. It is such a pleasure to take care of everything and hold the space for our guest to enjoy and relax. We are already looking forward to seeing you at our retreat center hopefully very soon.

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Retreat Reviews

‘One of the best gifts I gave myself. The daily combination of yoga, meditation and mindfulness was challenging and satisfying physically, mentally and spiritually. I came back feeling refreshed and relaxed like I hadn’t in a long time.’

Retreat Reviews

‘A life changing experience where I found the way back to myself. It has changed the way I treat myself and the way I look at life.’

Retreat Reviews

‘What a fabulous week it was, truly one of the best experiences in my long life! You two are very gifted. The retreat was so much more than I even dreamed of. I will be taking a lot of good energy home with me, thanks to you.’

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