Winds of Change


‘sometimes in the winds of change – we find our true direction’

A lot has happened during the last few months and I would like to share it with you. Today feels like a good moment to reflect on the changes we have been through and the direction we are going in.


Be where you are


‘driving from holland to portugal’

A few weeks ago we were driving from the Netherlands back to Portugal. We had some wonderful weeks with friends and family. It felt so good to be back and to see everyone again after a long time.


Slow Living


‘smile, breathe and go slowly.’

Maybe you have a certain opinion about me just because I am a yoga teacher. For example, I must be a very patient person. Let me tell you: this is not always true.


The wolves


‘the story of the two wolves’

I have a new challenge! Maybe you are thinking ‘Why a new challenge again? Wasn’t there just a new one a few weeks ago? What happened to that one?’


Beetroot Burger


‘yummy vegan burgers’

To be honest we love eating burgers, and it has been meatless burgers for a very long time already. But now we took it to the next level. For our yoga retreats last year we developed our own beetroot burger.


House hunting


‘good things take time’

It’s been two months since we bought a one-way ticket to Portugal. A lot has happened since then: we visited many properties, seen different regions, experienced all kinds of ups and downs and it feels like one big adventure.




‘peaceful mind – open heart’

Sometimes Boris and I like to create a new challenge for ourselves.




‘take your dreams seriously’

As I am starting to write on this blog post I am sitting on our veranda with a stunning view of the river and the mountains. The sun is shining and we just did another hike this morning.


Veggie Lasagna


‘recipe for a delicious veggie lasagna’

This is certainly one of my favorite new retreat meals, our pumpkin spinach lasagna.


Go with the flow


‘life is a journey  not a destination’

Everything changes all the time and so does our journey. We enjoy these changes and all the exciting new things along the way. Last time I wrote for this blog we still had our camper.


Community life


‘happiness is here and now’

Have you ever considered how life would be like in a spiritual community? Since my first visit to a Buddhist monastery many years ago I was intrigued by this way of life.


One day at a time


‘what to do when everything got cancelled’

Living in the present moment, here and now, just one day at a time, just the next small step. That’s how we have spent the last 6 weeks since we arrived in the Netherlands and after cancelling all our travel and work plans.


One decision


‘you are always one decision away from a totally different life’

At this moment on our journey we are facing an interesting decision.


‘life is amazing here’

It is about 8 months ago that we sold everything and started this journey. We did not really have a plan and we also did not want to have a plan. We purposely jumped into the unknown with great trust, some ideas and a lot of joy.


A simple life


‘living and working at the ecovillage’

I’ve heard about Ecolonie several times from different people. It’s a Dutch ecovillage in France which is not only about ecology but also spirituality.


‘happiness is an unexpected chocolate dessert’

We often think about dishes and recipes we would like to create for our next retreat. It is so much fun to imagine all the delicious things we could prepare and share.


Summer in Slovenia


‘you are my sunshine’

Although it’s already end of September it still feels like summer here in Slovenia. This trip was a surprise for me as Boris planned it by himself and all I had to do was to pack my bag and follow him.


‘vipassana meditation retreat – mindfulness and silence’

It took me just a second to decide to go on this retreat, because I knew it was the right thing to do. I felt excited and at the same time I realized it was not going to be easy.


Dancing in Sweden


‘joy within – joy all around’

Sometimes we travel together and sometimes we travel alone. This time I went to Sweden while Boris stayed in the Netherlands. It all started with the idea of doing some volunteer work abroad and finally I gave it a try.


Croissants & Yoga


‘summer in the south of france’

It’s about two month ago that we left Delft and started traveling. Somehow time feels different now without the daily routines and weekly schedules, like when you are on a holiday and you don’t know whether it’s Friday or Monday.


Apple Bread


‘delicious and healthy recipe by Boris’

We spend a lot of our time here in France thinking about food and preparing food. Boris baked several versions of this new vegan apple bread until we were really happy with the recipe.


Buddhist Monastery


‘this moment is full of wonders’

I have been at the Buddhist monastery many times and now as I walked up to the entrance gate it felt like “I have arrived, I am home.” And although everything felt familiar, there is always something new and unexpected.


‘trust the flow of life’

I will always keep the beautiful memories in my heart from the last week of yoga classes and the goodbye party. During the week there were already many moments of saying goodbye, emotional moments, tears and laughter.


Yoga Weekend


‘one of our yoga weekend retreats’

This Easter weekend we had our yoga retreat at this beautiful farmhouse in the East part of the Netherlands. The weather was amazing, so warm and sunny, and we spend a lot of time outdoors.