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Living Yoga • a way of life

We are very grateful for having successfully run our yoga studio in the Netherlands for more than ten years. It was an amazing time. Our yoga community has been following us for so many years and they continued to do so when we went on a long term journey.

Now we are busy building a new life in Portugal. Our goal is to create a yoga retreat center here. It’s going to be a place where everyone is welcome for retreats and visits, to practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness in nourishing surroundings.

At this moment we are looking for a suitable property and we can’t wait to create our retreat center together with our growing yoga community.

Sophie •  do what you love

I worked as a scientist for some years until I realized that I had to follow my intuition and radically change my way of life and my career. This was certainly one of the best decisions I ever took. Since then I’m leading a lifestyle close to my heart with authenticity, creativity and freedom. My students praise my compassionate and kind qualities as a teacher and how I skillfully guide them in the yoga practice. I love sharing the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness and I invite you to try one of my classes.

Now my dream is to create a retreat center here in Portugal. It will be a place where people come together in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere, enjoy healthy food and practice yoga.

Boris • relax and enjoy

After many years of experiencing severe stress I was looking for a way out. At that time I was working in science and this is where I’ve met Sophie. Sophie took me on some adventurous journeys and while travelling in India I had my first yoga experience. Back home I gave up my living room for Sophie’s yoga classes and finally I quit my job. Since then I’m managing the yoga business, cook the most delicious meals at our yoga retreats and do much more behind the scenes.

Now I enjoy the good life here in Portugal, improve my surfing skills and we are planning to create a retreat center. We are already looking forward to seeing you there hopefully soon. Follow our adventures and read our blog.

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